Saturday, April 16, 2011

My work space…

Have you ever told yourself you have way too much scrapbooking supplies? I tell myself that all the time. I think I'm addicted to buying anything that has to do with scrapbooking. My number one problem is that four letter word SALE! Even if I don't need it now I may need it someday and then it would be better if I got two of it. I think I might be a scrapbook addict. I thought I might show you around my scrapbook studio.

The first picture is walking into the room. On the couch is one of my Miniature Schnauzers Tasha. She loves to come and sit with me while I work. On the floor is her duck that she was playing with earlier.

At the end of the room there's a short walkway I made by setting up bookshelves at the end my desk.

After you turn the corner you're going into the workspace area. Everything is set up so I can roll around in my chair and get anything that I need while I'm working on my scrapbooking. You might think it's because I'm lazy but really it's because I can get where I want to go a lot quicker. LoL...

That’s a look at my workspace.

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