Friday, November 18, 2011

The Jetsons Paper Piecing Set

Hello everyone, Happy almost Thanksgiving.

WOW, I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. Where has this year gone? It's almost time to start putting up Christmas decorations. It's a family tradition to put our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving along with the outside lights. OMGoodness that's NeXt WeeKeNd!! I need to start mentally preparing myself. LoL...

Today Erich and I went and got new LED Icicle lights to put outside on the house. Last year we switched out the lights on our Christmas tree to the LED and We LoVeD ThEm. I couldn't believe how much cooler a thousand LED lights was compared to a thousand of the old ones.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make many paper piecing sets this month because I've been sick. I developed a virus in my inner ear so I was on a 24 hour roller coaster for a week. NoT FuN! This last week I'm doing a lot better. I just get a little dizzy and off balance when I turn my head or bend over too fast. Thank goodness I don't have to do much of that when I'm scrapbooking. LoL…

A couple of my buyers requested that I make some paper piecings of The Jetsons last month. I was able to get one set finished and half of this one before I got sick. Check it out.

The Jetsons Paper Piecing Set

When a couple of buyers asked me to make some paper piecing set the Jetsons the first thing I thought of was Rosie. She was always my favorite and as a child I always wished I could have her at my house. LoL…