Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Flintstones Paper Piece Sets

Hi again,

It’s been so exciting since I’ve switched over from making scrapbook layouts to just making my paper piecing sets. I was so reluctant at first but it’s been such a blessing. I’m getting so many custom orders now. It’s unbelievable…. What’s so great is I don’t have the issues that I had with making my layouts. Now I’m able to create more. There’s no OCD kicking in… LoL….

I thought I would share with you the last 2 paper piecings sets I listed on eBay. They were really a lot of fun to make. Now here’s a cartoon that I use to watch and it sure was a lot different from The Family Guy. LoL….. I really don’t think they make cartoons like this anymore. How different life was back then.

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