Sunday, April 17, 2011

The 4th of my Disney Princess series.

I would like you to know that all of my paper piecings on this page start with blank pieces of card stock. Then I cut, glue and artistically detail each piece for a realistic look.

Princess Cinderella
4th of my Disney Princess series.

I love how this page turned out. The only problem I had with it was taking the pictures. The first set I took, edited and got my auction posted I noticed I forgot to put the blue bow on the fairy godmother. I then added the bow retook the pictures, edited and reposted the auction. As I was sitting there looking at it I was horrified to see that I forgot to put on Cinderella's earring. LoL!! I had to retake and edit my pictures for the third time. I guess it’s true, ‘Three times a charm.’ LoL!

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